I’ve always been interested in fashion. I never knew exactly what I liked so much about it, but I just knew that fashion was something that was a part of me and nobody could take it away. There is a big difference between fashion and style, fashion is a trend that we tend to follow at times, while style is something that defines your personality, it defines who you are.

So, who am I? Olivia Jae is the name! In this blog, I will be talking about ways you can ball on a budget, also, lifestyle topics that we go through once we start to get older. I’m a down-to-earth girl that will tell you like it is. So, on this blog that’s what you all will see. I want to also give you guys tips that I feel helped me and can also help you.

I am a firm believer in Christ, he is the reason why I am here today. So, I will talk a lot about my relationship with God and how I manage it while still being a young adult in college. Like I said before, fashion is something that’s a part of me. I use it to show who I am, I will sometimes go with the trends but mostly I like to be different. I love to stand out, blending in with others is something I don’t like, I call that basic.

Being basic is boring, the key is to always want to stand out. Zendaya inspires me when it comes to having style and loving fashion, she strives to be different. She tells us and shows us who she is by what she wears. That’s one of the things I want you all to take from my blog when you’re done reading it. So, welcome to my blog and let’s get started!


~Olivia Jae